Redefine What’s Next: Professional Women over the age of 50

Redefine What’s Next: Professional Women over the age of 50

Professional women who are in their third stage of life have accomplished so much and overcome so much.

They face a new challenge: Answering “Now What?”

There are answers to that question in this interview with Autumn Nessler who has been working with professional women to help them transition with an intentional life plan to step into the next stage of life and keep going.

There are millions of us over the age of 50 who are saying that and that includes women. Women who have done and accomplished so much.

These Women have done it all; Career, Marriage, etc.. Life has been a Merry-Go-Round and now they want to get off and Live Life on Their Own Terms, ie., Live an Intentional Life. Nessler says, “They are now seeking a whole new set of life choice(s) as they try to define “Who I Am” rather than “What I Do”. They are conscious and intentional about planning for their life/lifestyle. Looking to define “What’s Next”.

Planning their Intentional Life. I assist them with the design of that lifestyle.” Prior to starting a coaching practice, over the past 35 years, Autumn successfully transitioned from being an educator to a career counselor, to human resources professional and finally to sales professional. In between with “gigs” as a solopreneur. Personal transitions included raising other people’s children, divorce, lots of moves, etc.

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