How to make a difference: Social Entrepreneurship

How to make a difference: Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise and for many good reasons. Solving a problem or making things better for people, our communities, or our world through a business model can sometimes be the most effective, nimble, and timely method to success.

In this ProBoomer interview successful Social Entrepreneur Beth Bond provides insight, ideas, context, and possibilities for all of us to consider.

It has been said that Entrepreneurs will solve the world’s problems. To whatever degree this is true, social entrepreneurship is emerging and making an impact. AKA “Philanthropreneurship” is also popular with Baby Boomers who are becoming entrepreneurs at an explosive rate and for whom making a difference is critical.

Baby Boomers startup double the number of business Millennials do and have the highest rate of success; a seven in ten chance of success. It makes sense as Boomers have the experience, networks, and in some cases the money (most startup businesses come from personal savings not venture capital).

Also, Boomers and those over 50 years of age are turning to entrepreneurialism because ageism limits their opportunities in their job search or employment prospects.

Especially in this day and age with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the radical ways, it is changing business, the economy, jobs, income, employment, the workforce and workplace, entrepreneurship becomes an option worthy of serious consideration. Social Entrepreneurship becomes an even greater worthwhile option for Boomers who are looking, in this stage of life, to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

This ProBoomer interview with Beth provides examples of what this can look like and is enabling to realize the resources and support that is out there to make a difference.

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The TED Talk Beth mentioned: The way we think about charity is dead wrong | Dan Pallotta

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