Guest Blog: Don’t Judge Me by my Tats (or my wrinkles)

We don’t have to take this. We don’t have to accept the views and judgments of those who may be in charge of marketing but who are barely old enough to be in charge of their own shoelaces.

Guest Blog: ‘We Did Believe We Could Make a Difference’ Can Baby Boomers keep the Sixties flame alive?

"At the age of seventy, I still feel that way (make a difference)! I care and want to contribute and believe I can make a difference." -Bill Taylor

How to get the BIG IDEA!

It's simple. It's easy. It works.

Boomercast: How to Overcome Age Defeatism

So many Boomers limit themselves in pursuing, maintaining, and advancing their careers because of a defeatist attitude. They buy into ageism thereby becoming an age defeatist.

Boomercast: How to Discover Your True Passion and Your True Purpose

Alaina Love developed a method with the University of Michigan to identify your core passions and then use that knowledge to purse your true and fulfilling purpose.