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Need a job? Discover ways to use your age as an asset and overcome the false assumptions and stereotypes of ageism.

How to Discover Your Passion, Follow it and Live Your Purpose (Part Two)


Leverage this Baby Boomer Asset: Business Leadership

Fact: Businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and major corporations need leaders now more than With so many older workers being shown the door and young talents filling the vacuum, many companies are...

Boomer Buying Power (Infographic)

The numbers in the infographic below are stunning. The facts show that Baby Boomers are the most powerful market demographic in this country. There is a gargantuan opportunity to fulfill...

Employee Tenure INCREASES with Age

Myth: “You don’t want to hire anyone in their 50’s because they’re going to retire soon. Get ‘em young.” Fact: Median employee tenure was generally higher among older workers than...

Benefits of Hiring a Resume Writer Go Way Beyond the Document

An outstanding resume in a present-day style and context won’t in and of itself get you a job, but it is an absolute must. Yet, that’s only half the reason...

How to Launch Yourself Like a Saturn V Rocket

How many times have you thought, “Tomorrow I’m going to get up and exercise”? “This evening I am going to start my business plan”. “Today I do what I gotta...

The Power of Parents Reentering the Workforce

They are perhaps the most undervalued and underutilized sector in the workforce: Former stay-at- home parents.

Resumes & business plans help you figure you and it out

Developing a resume or business plan can be hugely beneficial to realizing your strengths and weaknesses and therefore what to emphasize and overcome.

3 Key Baby Boomer Mindsets for Finding a Job

A clear and positive mindset about your skills, talents and experience in the context of current job market will give you the best chance of success.

Form vs. Substance: Why Boomers Can be the Best Choice

There’s the sexy choice and the better choice especially when focusing on what you really need in an employee or a business.

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