Boomer Power

Discover how Boomers are a force (once again!) to dramatically change what it means to be of a certain age creating opportunities for you to enjoy some of your best and most meaningful years.

Boomer Buying Power (Infographic)

The numbers in the infographic below are stunning. The facts show that Baby Boomers are the most powerful market demographic in this country. There is a gargantuan opportunity to fulfill...

Why can’t we JUST DO IT?

By guest blogger, Donna Bailey All of us have dreams. Things we want to do before we pass on. For some, it’s traveling in an RV across the country and...

To go for it, or not to go for it, that is the question

The difference between those who succeed and everyone else isn’t based so much on education, experience or social background. It is the fact they did it.

Resumes & business plans help you figure you and it out

Developing a resume or business plan can be hugely beneficial to realizing your strengths and weaknesses and therefore what to emphasize and overcome.

Zuckerburg’s Advice for Millennials Applies to All of Us

In his 2017 commencement to Harvard graduates, Facebook CEO gives advice directed at Millennials that can apply to all of us.

Baby Boomers are still a force for change

In the 1960’s Baby Boomers transformed society. Fifty years later, we’re doing it again.

The Absurdity of Ageism

Never has there been a better time in human history for older people to thrive and signify yet never has there been a time when we’ve been so disregarded.

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