How to avoid the biggest regret of your life

Did my life have meaning? Did I make an impact? If you have to ask those questions at the end, the answers are most likely, tragically disappointing. There's still time to change the answer.

Revolutionizing Retirement: Have Meaning and Purpose

One of the most highly regarded Retirement Coaches, Dorian Mintzer provides insight on how to thrive by reimagining what the retirement years can be for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk Ignites the Explosion of 40 to 80-year-old Entrepreneurs

Excerpts from Gary Vaynerchuk's video in which he says it's his mission to ignite an explosion of entrepreneurs between the ages of forty and eighty. If you don't know who Gary Vee is, he's a leading global influencer for social media and entrepreneurs. In his 40's, curt and crass, his heart is in the right place and millions of people (especially millennials) follow him.

Advertisers are Shunning America’s Hottest Market: Baby Boomers

An AARP research shows how Advertisers are misrepresenting and misfiring on the richest and highest-spending demographic: Baby Boomers

Boomercast: A Boomer Career Must – Personal Branding

Looking for a job, to keep your job, grow a career, change careers or be an entrepreneur? Then Personal Branding is a must.

Mitch Albom Column: Our Growing Ageism Issue

Ageism is growing yet it is a discrimination that gets far less attention than other biases.

Retirement Can Be the Most Stressful Time of Your Life

Expecting retirement to be nirvana and stress-free? Think again. Many of life's most stressful events can occur in retirement. In fact, according to the Holmes–Rahe Life Stress Scale, the 10th most stressful life event is retirement itself. Be forewarned and be prepared.

Boomercast: How to Overcome Age Defeatism

So many Boomers limit themselves in pursuing, maintaining, and advancing their careers because of a defeatist attitude. They buy into ageism thereby becoming an age defeatist.

Boomercast: The Boomer Career Challenge (and opportunity)

Help and insight for Baby Boomers who are facing challenges such as ageism, changing workplaces, and the changing job market. Whether you are trying to find a job, keep your job, advance your career or change careers.

BB2BB: Baby Boomer-to-Baby Boomer

When you consider the Baby Boomer market is the richest, spending the most and vastly underserved as a targeted market, then this realization goes beyond common sense.