Don’t Judge Me by the Wrinkles on my Skin (but consider their value)

What do you think of this video's thumbnail image? Ageist or telling (or both)? Is being active, vibrant, creative, ambitious, inventive and relevant only ascribed to youth? Do other generations as well as Baby Boomers themselves assume this? Share your comments.

Retirement: Be Careful of what you ask for

You want it. You get it. You regret it (after the retirement honeymoon.

How to avoid the biggest regret of your life

The number one regret of those living their final days is failing to go for it. For Boomers, there is still time and phenomenal opportunities. Take a moment and gain some tools and motivation by reading on.

BOOMcast: Replace Retirement (and how to do it!)

The methods John Anderson offers you are framed in proven practices (many from business) on how to set meaningful goals and be able to achieve them short and long term. It’s practical and it works.

5 reasons why Baby Boomer businesses rock (and why you should start yours)

I’d like to share five powerful reasons why times have never been better Boomers to become an entrepreneur or solopreneur.

Boomers: This is your time of life to be like a Millennial

Pivoting careers and pivoting life purpose. These are trends amongst Millennials and ones that Boomers are starting to embrace in and approaching their so-called “retirement years”.

BOOMcast: Executive Evolution into Retirement Age

Executive Retirement Coach Bob Foley explains what and why career executives and high achievers "crash" in retirement. How you can avoid or get out of it.

YoungMan (Blues) becomes OldMan (Blues) for Boomers

How Baby Boomers Shifted the Power in Society and Lost Out

Boomercast: Boomer Reinvention – How to Create a Dream Career Over 50

If you're over 50 and employed there's a 56% chance you will be forced out of your job. But, there's something you can do about it.

Too old to be an Entrepreneur? Baby Boomers are actually in their prime

It’s a megatrend: Baby Boomers are starting more businesses than anyone in this age bracket ever have before, outpacing millennials by a two-to-one margin.