The NUMBER ONE skill to coping, overcoming and succeeding in this crisis: Resiliency

Tips on how to be resilient from Certified Transition and Relationship expert Marianne Oehser

A Unique Approach to Leadership in a Pandemic

In this short interview Leadership Development and Change Management Consultant Dr. Jann Freed asserts:
-Treat Business situations like death, dying & grief
-Support employees to cope with change
-Dealing with employee “survivor syndrome”

How to make a difference: Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise and for many good reasons. Solving a problem or making things better for people, our communities, or our world through a business model can sometimes be the most effective, nimble, and timely method to success.

You are never too old to start a business

Paul Tasner did at age 66 and succeeded. He has told his story in a TED talk that has drawn 2.2 million views and in a ProBoomer interview, he goes into greater depth of the how, the why, and the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur (at any age).

Employment Realities & Opportunities for Older Workers

In order to find a job, adapt to the new employment realities or pursue other ways of earning an income, Bob’s insights will help you adopt and adapt to succeed as a Baby Boomer.

Work from Home: Tips, methods, mindset, jobs and how to get them

Work from home (WFH) is here to stay. Knowing how to successfully perform is critical to the new normal for employment, freelancing and contract work.

What are you leaving behind? The “Breadcrumb Approach” to Leadership & Legacy

“Leaders should always be focusing on what they are leaving behind,” according to Dr. Jann Freed. Especially during the uncertainty and trying times brought on by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the radical changes in jobs, employment, business, and the economy.

Navigating Uncharted Pandemic Waters: Online Teaching

The story of how a piano teacher used the coronavirus pandemic to change her whole approach, become technically savvy and avoid the stereotype she was afraid of.

BOOMcast” Ageism & Jobs: It’s up to Boomers to adapt and skill up

In this ProBoomer BOOMcast, leadership and intergenerational workforce expert Marc Michaelson provides older/Boomer job seekers and employees with the key perspectives and mindsets necessary to earn an income in today's business climate.

Boomers: How to prepare to get a Job & Income in a Pandemic Economy

Kerry Hannon lays out critical actions and steps that can put you in the best position possible to adapt to the changing world of employment and sources of earned income and to do so in a way that fits in the life and kind of work you want in this stage of life.