12 ways to answer life’s big question “Now what?” (and flourish)

You've probably have asked this question a multitude of times.

It is to be expected. The consequences of COVID has accelerated it.

Being around 50 or older multiplies it.

Be an outlier to overcome ageism

Face it, people of all ages haven't gotten the memo that ageism is not only wrong but self-defeating. Even if they agree with that statement, many will inevitably or subconsciously practice it.

Therefore, if you're older, take control. Be seen as an exception to the rule.

Life Lessons Learned on the Trail

Take a grand adventure. Plans change. Keep going. Dream big.

Redefine What’s Next: Professional Women over the age of 50

Professional women who are in their third stage of life have accomplished so much and overcome so much.

They face a new challenge: Answering “Now What?”

There are answers to that question in this interview with Autumn Nessler who has been working with professional women to help them transition with an intentional life plan to step into the next stage of life and keep going.

GenZ and Boomers: Unite not Fight

Ageist stereotypes, presumptions and assumptions of age (any age) undermine our ability as individuals and enterprises to achieve whatever we’re trying to do and as a whole negatively impacts the health, progress and vitality of our societies and economies.

As a society, we are reexamining the way we look at race, gender, ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation and other characteristics. Why not age as well?

Understanding & Profiting from the Baby Boomer Market

marketing dollars target Baby Boomers.

Advertisers don’t get it. In fact, they not only miss the mark they tend to alienate who Bloomberg characterizes as the most powerful market the world has ever seen.

In this interview Barry Robertson and Marcus Matthews of Boomer-NeXt dives into more than the numbers.

Re-writing the story of ‘retirement’: COVID-19 reveals how much we need activist elders

The “elders” I spoke to want to stay movers, shapers and shakers. As Richard Leider told me: “People want to feel their life is important and they want work that matters. It’s in our DNA to belong and to matter in life and that never goes away.”

Guest Blog: Don’t Judge Me by my Tats (or my wrinkles)

We don’t have to take this. We don’t have to accept the views and judgments of those who may be in charge of marketing but who are barely old enough to be in charge of their own shoelaces.

Life Lessons from a Master

Sharing what I learned from a great Master of life's meaning. A dog.

Guest Blog: OK Boomer? OK GenZ?

We all know that some traits can skip a generation, so it’s not big surprise to find that GenZ has much in common with the Baby Boomers, who are mostly their grandparents.