After the pandemic: Impact on employment & jobs

How will this pandemic change our lives, the economy, work, and so many other factors once we’ve conquered it?

Now is the time to start preparing and thinking about it. Especially if you’re over 50.

To help keep up with the potential changes we will be facing, ProBoomer will be posting regular half-hour interviews with experts in a myriad of areas. • Chris Farrell from Marketplace and NextAvenue on a broad range of economic impacts.

• Sara Geber on staying connected with people and the challenges for solo agers.

• Robert Laura on retirement planning both financial and life aspects.

• Karen Sands who was recently chosen as one of the top 50 female futurists in the world by Forbes magazine. A look at the future with people over 50 in mind.

• Dr. Rob McCurdy who is in charge of emergency medicine for multiple emergency rooms.

• Rich Eisenberg of NextAvenue who is exceptionally in the know regarding 50+ trends

• Bob Foley, a long-time HR executive on the state of employment and where future opportunities may lie …and others as well.

In many cases, this team of experts will be interviewed on a regular ongoing basis because this situation is going to be ever-changing. In this first ProBoomer discussion we look at employment which is now being dramatically impacted and could continue to be. Bob Foley had an extensive career in HR and the jobs field.

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